Epos ELS 8
British-based speaker company Epos has a new set of standmount stereo speakers, the ELS 8s, which are set for release this month

Speaker manufacturer Epos is planning to build on past successes with the launch of its £250 ELS 8 standmount speakers.

The all-new design from Epos features a 15cm woofer with a polypropylene cone and 25mm voice coil. The injection-moulded trim ring is blended into the cabinet.

And the internally-braced MDF cabinet is rear ported and has a curved front with a removable cloth grille.

Epos is offering the ELS 8 in two finishes, maple and black, and is installing a new shielded metal-dome tweeter with ferrite magnets in the new speakers.

Set to hit the shops in early November, the £250 ELS 8 follows on from the popular, and now discontinued, budget priced ELS 3.

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