DVD REVIEW: The Dark Knight

If Batman Begins was a surprisingly dark and serious take on the Batman mythos, then its all-conquering sequel, The Dark Knight, sees director Christopher Nolan heading into even grimmer territory to produce an excellent and unpredictable blockbuster enlivened by an astounding final performance from Heath Ledger.

Available on its own, as part of a Blu-ray double pack with Batman Begins, or on two or four disc DVD set, there are plenty of ways to enjoy The Dark Knight, but in light of the film’s use of IMAX footage for several scenes and the incredibly detailed sound design that subtly underpins the Joker’s appearances, we’d opt for the Blu-ray edition with it’s Dolby True HD soundtrack and mixed aspect ratios of 2.35:1 and 1.44:1. Visit The Leisure Lab for a full review of The Dark Knight.