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We've come to expect great things from Dali – the company has amassed an impressive portfolio of five-star and Award-winning kit, such as this year's Best wireless speaker up to £750 in the shape of the Kubik Free.

Hoping to add to that roll of honour is the Kubik One, which has been unveiled as a one-box audio system with wired and wireless connection options. It'll cost you £800 and promises "everything required for an audio sensation" in one unit.

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The Kubik One will allow you stream your music collection via a Bluetooth connection and using the aptX codec, which aims to deliver quality sound from smartphones, tablets and any other Bluetooth-compatible device.

You're not restricted to wireless connections with the Kubik One, however. Inputs include 3.5mm, RCA, optical and Micro USB options – letting you connect to TVs, analogue sources and computers - while there's also a sub output if you want to boost the bass.

Two 13cm wood-fibre cone mid-range/woofers and two 25mm dome tweeters deliver 100 watts of music power (4 x 25 watts), while the Kubik One's Class D digital amplifier can handle sample rates up to 24-bit/96kHz. 

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A Dali spokesperson said: "The Kubiks have been developed as a series of wireless speakers that combine Dali’s legendary loudspeaker heritage with state-of-the-art digital amplification. 

"The Kubiks allow you to listen wirelessly to your music and movies at an incredible level of sonic detail. These extraordinary sound systems give you the freedom to listen from any device, anywhere in your home."

The Kubik One comes in a choice of coloured grille covers: azure blue; lime green; orange; or purple, as well as misty grey and petrol green.

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Un-rendered brickwork....check.

Dualit toaster....check

Italian coffee maker....check

Goatee beard....check.


Norris Cole's picture

Uncheck !

Huh ?

'a one-box audio system with full wireless capabilities'

It has Bluetooth aptX. That is all.

Does that now count as 'full wireless capabilities' ?

Really ?

Amazed of Coronation Street.


gbuilder's picture

Good points

Haha Graham, spot on although I've seen worse! You can add chopping healthy fruit to that list.

Fair point Norris - nonsensical boasting from the PR people.

Looks like a nice product though, if expensive.

Is there a remote? otherwise how you ccontrol volume of the optical input (which is normally fixed level)?