Copland’s new CTA407 flagship integrated amplifier arrives in the UK

Copland CTA407 integrated amp
(Image credit: Copland)

Danish audio component specialist Copland has announced the launch of its CTA407 flagship integrated amplifier. The new tube amplifier will feature a cleaner, simplified design that follows on from what Copland rather obliquely dubs “luxurious puritanism”, as well as an “intelligent complement of electronics to support the audio stages of the amplifier.”

Copland promises the finest audio quality from its latest model. According to the brand’s press release, the CTA407 provides an “extraordinarily accurate reproduction of music without tending towards listening fatigue”, delivering powerful dynamics in conjunction with flexibility in the choice of speakers with which it is paired. The low perceived noise from the amplifier, again according to Copland, is “blissful to hear”, especially if you happen already to own a “high-efficiency speaker system”. The CTA407 is best used in conjunction with a decent setup, then.

Not that Copland is reticent in explaining why its latest model is so deserving of the finest accompanying hi-fi. The CTA407 employs five line-level inputs including a tape monitor loop and a built-in RIAA phono circuit accommodating moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges built to the company’s exacting standards.

Copland CTA407 integrated amp

(Image credit: Copland)

The unit’s push-pull output stages also comprise a tandem of power tubes in “fixed ultra-linear configuration” which Copland states will give the low distortion levels of triodes combined with the power of tetrode valves. According to Copland, a pair of 6550 or KT-family tubes in such a configuration can produce more than 100W of audio power. 

Further, the CTA407 supplies 2x50W in high-biased Class A/AB mode, meaning that the amp can deliver the bulk of its power in a Class A state (generally considered to be the amplifier design with the highest sound fidelity). 

And Copland’s engineers aren’t finished there. Thanks to the promised quality of the output transformers, the Danish manufacturer has achieved “superb linearity” before feedback is employed – which in turn diminishes the requirements for internal lag-compensation networks, ensuring greater stability after the 18dB negative feedback loop is closed.

The CTA407 uses a motor-driven volume adjustment and can be controlled by the Copland RC102A remote. 

The unit itself is available with either a silver or a black front panel, and is now shipping to the UK exclusively by Absolute Sounds for £6500 inc. VAT.


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