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COMING SOON: 24 series 6 on DVD

If, like me, you're a Virgin Media customer and missed out on the second half of 24, series 6 after Sky pulled its channels from Virgin's cable service, salvation is at hand, writes Andy Clough.

Twentieth Century Fox is shortly to release the entire series on DVD, and I was up until 3am this morning frantically catching up on missed episodes! I've still got a couple of discs to go, so it looks as if a few more late nights are in order.

Having suffered withdrawal symptoms ever since losing Sky One, and having to bear the taunts of my colleagues with Sky HD who've already seen the entire series in high-definition, it's a relief to be able to feed my 24 addiction once more. And no, please don't tell me how it ends!

The joy of watching the series on DVD is that there are none of those pesky ad breaks, and it's a good quality video transfer with a pulsating Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack to add to the drama.

The boxset includes the usual behind-the-scenes extras, but there are no plans, as yet, to release series 6 on Blu-ray or HD DVD – even though the entire series was shot in high-definition. Come on folks, get it together - you know it makes sense.

Release date: October 1st 2007, RRP £49.99.

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