Canton GLE 420.2
Entry-level Canton speaker now available in 12 Comet megastores

Comet has chosen Canton speakers to bundle with Sonos music systems in 12 of its out-of-town megastores.

Sonos systems sold through Comet will be paired with Canton GLE 420.2 stereo speakers, the entry-level model in Canton's range.

A two-way design, the GLE 420.2 features a 25mm fabric-domed tweeter and 16cm aluminium bass driver, the latter using Canton's proprietary 'wave surround' technology for precise bass response.

The cabinet is made from high-quality MDF and Comet will stock the speakers in black and white. They'll be available from selected Comet stores and from the Comet website for £349.99/pair from February 1st 2011, either as part of the Sonos bundle or on their own.

Ben Goff, product marketing manager for UK distributor Computers Unlimited, says: "The bundling with Sonos is ideally suited to those consumers who wish to have wireless multiroom systems yet still want to maintain the quality a standalone hi-fi is able to offer."

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