Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty will be the first of Disney's 'Platinum Collection' of films to be released on Blu-ray when it is released in October. It will be later be joined by other classic animated films, such as Pinocchio and Fantasia

Walt Disney Video has announced the imminent release of some of its finest, classic animated films on Blu-ray. The 'Platinum Blu' collection will see remastered versions of some of the film house's favourite films released on the HD format.

Sleeping Beauty is the stand-out movie and been remastered from the original 2.5mm never-seen-before, original film stock.

Other titles scheduled for release in the Platinum Blu collection include Pinocchio, Fantasia, Fantastia 2008 and Snow White.

But it was Sleeping Beauty that got all the attention. The disc will feature a remastered 7.1 HD soundtrack and from a sneak preview that we received, albeit at the enormous Sony stand in IFA – the largest ever stand at the show, no less –, we're certainly looking forward to seeing it.

All the film companies went big on BD-Live, which so far has proved something of a damp squib, and Sleeping Beauty will also include an interactive game based around that party game classic, 20 questions.

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With some 100 million units of Disney's classics having been sold on DVD, the company is hoping the Platinum Blu collection will fly out when it starts hitting shops from October. 


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