The Chord Company colours it purple with Indigo Plus Digital

chord co indigo plus digital

Carried over from the analogue versions is the indigo sleeve, non-resonant acrylic plug surrounds and secondary signal return conductor, but beyond that the cable is all-new. It uses specially treated high-purity, oxygen-free, solid-core copper conductors, a gas foamed polyethylene dielectric and a unique combination shielding system designed to protect the signal from high-frequency interference.

Chord says that it's "aware of the debate surrounding the influence (or not) that digital cables can have on sound quality.

"However repeated listening tests, sighted and blind, using both two channel and multi channel audio systems made a compelling case for the release of the Indigo Plus Digital. The improved dynamics, detail levels and tonal characteristics that the Indigo Plus Digital interconnect can bring to a system are very obvious and worthwhile."

The new cable is available terminated with RCA or BNC plugs, and will sell for £395 for a 1m version. As usual with Chord Company products, custom lengths are also available.