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CES 2015: Onkyo launches UK-tuned budget stereo amp

It delivers up to 44W per channel into 8ohms and was tuned in the UK, although there are slightly different versions of the A-9010 for the US and European markets. The US and European models have an onboard DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) which the UK model does not. They also cost more, with the A-9010 likely to sell in the US for around $349.

The amp features audiophile-grade components and a "carefully considered" circuit design, created to deliver "class-leading pace, timing and rhythm".

Conscious of the increasing popularity of vinyl, Onkyo has fitted an MM phono stage, phono inputs and a grounding terminal for connecting a turntable.

As for hooking up other sources, there are five analogue inputs and a single line output if required.

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Additional features include a built-in headphone amp, gold-plated banana plug speaker terminals and "chunky knobs" for volume, tone and input selection to give the unit "a touch of vintage charm".

Under the lid, you'll find Onkyo's high current WRAT (Wide Range Amp technology) system, which is based on a low impedance architecture for accurate control of the speaker drivers - even when impedance fluctuates and the load on the amp increases. An extruded aluminium heat sink keeps everything cool when the amp is running.

The Onkyo A-9010(UK) will be available in black only from February and joins two mid-range models, the A-9030 and A-9050 stereo amps, the high-end A-9070 and three flagship Reference Series products in Onkyo's 2015 hi-fi range.

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