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CES 2015: Caskeid platform to support Meridian Audio's MQA technology

MQA was unveiled last month [December] by Meridian Audio and promises a more efficient method of packaging studio master quality files, making music more convenient to download and stream.

With the launch of MQA comes the era of high-resolution audio streaming, and this new technology has already received the support of 7digital – the company behind a number of online services.

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And now, from CES 2015 in Las Vegas, comes the confirmation that MQA support is to be added to the Caskeid platform and lets licensees of the technologies develop products for high-res audio.

Licensees of Caskeid technologies include Onkyo, Pure and Meridian Audio itself, with the aim that MQA's "intended studio quality audio" can be delivered in a wireless multi-room environment.

Imagination Technologies CEO Sir Hossein Yassaie said: "Integrating Meridian’s MQA technology will elevate the listening experience and bring audio quality back to the centre stage."

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