Buffalo Technology BR-X816U2-EU
Want to upgrade your PC or laptop to Blu-ray? Then this £190 external Blu-ray drive from Buffalo Technology could fit the bill

Got a PC or laptop with a DVD drive, but not Blu-ray? Then you might be interested in this new external Blu-ray drive from Buffalo Technology, all yours for just £190.

The snappily-named BR-X861U2-EU attaches to your computer via any USB 2.0 port and needs no additional power supply or complicated installation.

It's designed for storing, editing and watching high-definition content, or writing large amounts of data to an optical disc. It's also backwards-compatible with DVD and CD.

The 8x drive features built-in CyberLink Blu-ray disc suite software which allows users to watch their DVDs in "near high-definition quality".

"This new external BD drive provides consumers with a low-cost option for watching their own HD content and taking advantage of the latest technology," says Paul Hudson, northern European sales director, Buffalo Technology.

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Other key technical features include:

* Up to 8x Blu-ray write using a USB connection with TurboUSB technology

* Up to 5.6x Blu-ray write using USB 2.0 connection·       

* 16x DVD-R read/write

* CyberLink Blu-ray Disc Suite includes: PowerDirector, PowerProducer, PowerDVD, Power2Go, PowerBackup, InstandBurn and MediaShow

* Can be used for backing up videos, photos and music

* Two-year Warranty

Buffalo's BR-X816U2-EU is available now from Amazon, Dabs, Insight, Misco and other leading retailers.

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