Bristol Show: check out our £100k demo system!

Where we'll be spending the next 3 days...

The Bristol Show has begun, and we're busy running demos of our state-of-the-art system on our stand in the Bristol Suite here at the Marriott Hotel.

For those of you who haven't made it to the show yet, we thought you might like an inside glimpse of what we're demonstrating.

Panasonic's 103in TH-103PF9 plasma

The centrepiece of our demo, as you can see in the picture above, is Panasonic's giant TH-103PF9 plasma screen, worth a cool £40,000. Feeding that is the £1600 Denon DVD-3800BD Blu-ray Disc player and Toshiba Qosimo G50 laptop worth £2000.

Sound is reproduced by a Meridian G68 sound controller (£4888) linked to four Meridian DSP7200 active speakers (£17,122 a pair) and a centre speaker the size of a fridge (see below). Oh, and a subwoofer for good measure.

Meridian DSP7200 centre speaker

We'll be demonstrating just how fabulous Blu-ray discs can look and sound on such a system, and experimenting with PC-based audio played off the Toshiba laptop. So come and join us on the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision stand in the Bristol Suite if you can.

Meridian DSP7200 speakerwe have four

Andy Clough

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