Braun Audio's comeback LE wireless speaker range is finally available

Braun Audio LE
(Image credit: Braun)

It's been well over a year since Braun Audio announced its return and plans to revive its classic LE speaker range from 1959, and now, at long last, they are available.

The LE01 (£1099, $1299), LE02 (£749, $899) and LE03 (£349, $399) are the first products out of the gate for the German brand in almost three decades, and whereas the original speakers they are founded on were passive designs, these new arrivals have been brought bang up to date with many of the modern technologies now ubiquitous in the speaker world.

The trio of LE speakers can be categorised as wireless, multi-room and smart, with Google Assistant voice control and Google Chromecast streaming at the core of their functionality. 

Braun Audio LE

Braun Audio LE02 (Image credit: Braun Audio)

The speakers can be used individually (when positioned in landscape mode, LE01 and LE02 will perform as stereo speakers) or in a pair (when in portrait orientation, they can be configured into a stereo left and right configuration). Additionally, a companion app allows users to select placement modes and adjust EQ to get the most from the Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drive units based on sonic preference and where the speakers are placed in a room.

Braun Audio LE

Braun Audio LE03 (Image credit: Braun Audio)

The LE01, LE02 and LE03 will initially be finished in white, with a black colourway coming "at a later date". They're available on the Braun Audio store from today for existing registered Braun subscribers, with general release following on Wednesday. In the US, they will be sold through the Museum Of Modern Art store in New York.

With Braun's centenary year just months away, we can expect the brand to be prolific throughout 2021.


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