Bluetooth headphones will now work with Sky Glass

Bluetooth headphones will now work with Sky Glass
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Sky without a dish has been updated. Sky's Entertainment OS – which runs on the firm's dish-less Sky Glass and Sky Stream products – has been reorganised to make it more user-friendly, as well as gaining some new features.

For starters, it's now compatible with Bluetooth headphones. That means you can wirelessly connect a pair and watch something in solitude without disturbing everyone else in the room. Perfect for some sneaky Christmas viewing while escaping the traditional family board game squabbles.

The OS has had a rejig, too. Playlist now appears further up the homepage, making it easier to find the shows and movies you've saved for later. (Glass and Stream don't have hard drives, so Playlist effectively replaces the Recordings section of Sky Q.)

There's a new rail on the homepage called Continue Watching. As the name suggests, this lets you pick up where you left off.

The Playlist rails are now ordered by most recent, and there's a new Most Recent rail at the top. You will no longer have to scroll through to find the latest episode of a series, either, as the most recent episode or latest sporting event will be displayed first. Hallelujah – now bring it to Sky Q!

The update should have landed this morning, so check your Sky Glass or Stream today. Sky is promising more updates coming before the of the year, so stay tuned.

Sky Glass launched last year, while Sky Stream has only been available since last month. The former is Sky built into a TV, while the latter puts it in a streaming box. Both do away with the need to install a satellite dish, yet boast most of the same features as Sky Q.              


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