Beyerdynamic announces new DX Series in-ear headphones

Beyerdynamic has announced a new range of in-ear headphones called the DX Series – while also showing off even more additions to the range at ISE in Amsterdam.

The range features two models, the DX 120 iE (pictured above) and DX 160 iE.

The DX 120 iE feature neodymium drivers, a metal housing, interchangeable extension cord and come with an adapter so you and a friend can listen to the same portable device.

You also get seven different types of silicone eartip included to help optimise fit and they also use a new flat, tangle-free cable. Beyerdynamic claim a frequency response of 12Hz-23kHz.

The DX 160 iE (pictured above) boast similar features but come with an additonal pair of foam Comply tips and Beyerdynamic claim the DX 160s have a frequency response of 10Hz-25kHz.

There's also a subtle aesthetic difference, with the more expensive model featuring matte silver rings around each earpiece.

The DX 120 iE and DX 160iE cost £62 and £85 respectively, and are available to order now.

And, over at the ISE show in Amsterdam we've spotted even more additons to Beyerdynamic's headphone line-up.

Although there isn't much in the way of official information, it does appear that three more in-ear models will be appearing later in the year: the DTX 72 iE, DTX 102 iE and MMX 102 iE.

There's no word on pricing or whether they'll be replacements for the highly rated DTX 101 iE or MMX 101 iE but we'll be sure to keep you posted...

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by Andy Madden

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