A round-up of stories to have featured in What Hi-Fi? this week, including Wharfedale's new Active speakers, a preview of IFA 2016 and an LG OLED TV review

This week Wharfedale officially confirmed its Diamond Active range of bookshelf and floorstanding speakers, Onkyo stepped up its commitment to hi-res audio with two new network players and a compact stereo system. Also, Spotify announced new subscriber figures that put it way ahead of Apple Music.

For reviews, we tested the OLED55B6V TV from LG, the RX-A3060 cinema amp from Yamaha and Naim's NAC-N 272 streamer/preamp.

And don't miss our preview of IFA 2016 (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, to give it its full name), one of the biggest consumer electronics shows in Europe. Taking place in Berlin from 2nd to 7th September, expect lots of exciting new products from brands both big and small.

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Wharfedale officially announces wireless Diamond Active speakers

Wharfedale's new A1 and A2 Diamond Active speakers are a little different from your usual powered speaker. Signals are transmitted via a hub (dubbed the H1), removing the need for a physical connection and allowing the speakers to be placed anywhere in a room. The A1 bookshelf (£600) and A2 floorstander (£1000) both go on sale in October.

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Onkyo introduces new hi-res network audio players and compact hi-fi system

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Onkyo will release two hi-res network players (NS-6130 and NS-6170) in September, with a hi-res compact stereo system to follow in October. Expect the usual suite of streaming features, with Onkyo improving the DACs in all three products for a better sound performance.

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Spotify confirms 39 million paying subscribers

Despite increased competition, music streaming service Spotify continues to grow, with confirmation that it has 39 million paying subscribers. That figure is around a third of its overall userbase (an estimated 125 million), and double the number currently paying for its nearest rival Apple Music.

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"You’d think we should be used to it by now, but we’re still amazed at just how strong the OLED’s contrast is"


We love what LG has done with its OLED sets, but price was always a factor. While the OLED55B6V is hardly a snip at £2700, it is LG's most affordable effort so far. The picture performance is sublime, with OLED's deep blacks and great colour balance stealing the show. This TV is a real treat.

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"At £2000 it isn’t cheap, but then surround-sound of this quality never is"

Yamaha RX-A3060

Yamaha continues its recent form with a wonderfully talented amplifier. Full of dynamism, control and power, this surround amp elevates any cinematic experience into a great one. It's not cheap, but the performance is one of supreme quality.

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"Two things you need to know about the Naim NAC-N 272: it’s a fully featured streaming preamp and it sounds lovely"

Naim NAC-N 272

Naim's NAC-N 272 offers an absolutely stunning performance. Functioning as a streaming preamp, the N 272's best virtue is an insightful and organised sound that's lovely to listen to. Despite what the price may indicate, this unit is something of a bargain.

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