It wouldn't be CES without a "world's first" or three and high-end headphone brand Audeze has joined the party with the $499 Sine headphones.

Known for its chunky planar magnetic headphones, such as the LCD-3 (£1725) and EL-8 (£600), Audeze has launched its first on-ear design to use the technology.

The Audeze Sine, launched at CES 2016 alongside the EL-8 Titanium model, are the company's most portable headphones to date. Not just Audeze's lightest headphones, they can also fold flat.

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Promising to be "the first of a new generation of on-ear planar magnetic headphones", they use the company's own Fluxor driver technology, plus Uniforce diaphragms. The goal being to deliver a sound with low distortion, good bass and excellent imaging.

The new model can be supplied with Audeze's Apple Lightning cable, which will bypass your iPhone or iPad's DAC, using its own integrated DSP and DAC. There's also a mic for taking calls.

The Audeze Sine headphones, priced $499, are due to start shipping in February.

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cheesemonster's picture

Not a world first!

I think someone forgot that on-ear planar magnetic/orthodynamic headphones were booming in the 1970's.

Also, pretty much all of them with a few exceptions were on-ear designs.

Everyone can get off this hype-train now. 

World first? No. World latest? Yes.