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After giving us a sneak peek at the new Solo systems a few weeks ago, Arcam has unveiled its new arrivals in all their glory...

Arcam's Solo range has been on the go for the best part of a decade and it's had a great deal of success, picking up a number of five star reviews and Awards in the process.

Compact systems such as the original Solo and Movie 5.1 have proved to be popular and the range has evolved over the years to include a networked system, the Neo, and more recently a soundbar in the shape of the Solo bar.

The third generation Solo Movie and Music systems use technology and components from Arcam's latest home cinema products and hi-fi separates, "including Class G amplification, high-end disc replay and app-controlled music networking".

The Solo Movie supports Blu-ray, DVD, CD and SACD playback, has a total power output of 250 watts, and uses a housing designed to reduce any vibrations. Connections include one HDMI output and four HDMI (1.4) inputs, plus a couple of digital inputs. There's also built-in Bluetooth that lets you beam audio to the Movie or you can simply stream over your home network.

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The Arcam Solo Music meanwhile supports CD and SACD playback and has a total output power of 160 watts (all channels into 8 ohms). It uses the same cabinet construction as the Solo Movie. It has the same array of connections and a similar set of features, including Bluetooth and a DAB/DAB+/FM tuner. 

Both the Arcam Solo Movie and Solo Music systems will go on sale in the fourth quarter of 2015 for £2000 and £1500 respectively.

Arcam has also teased a brand new product, the MusicBOOST for iPhone 6, which the company is heralding as a "massive audio upgrade for iPhone/headphone users".

Priced at around £120 (this is still subject to change), MusicBOOST attaches to an iPhone like a battery sleeve, but its internal DAC is claimed to improve the sound quality of music from any source, including streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.

The MusicBOOST is currently in pre-production, and we'll bring you more details before it goes on sale in December.

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steve_1979's picture

Just 50 watts per channel?

Movies have a lot more dynamic range than music does so you need a powerful amplifier to reproduce a films audio properly. 50 watts per channel seems very low, especially when you consider that there are so many exellent high powered AV receivers on the market.

I have to admit that they do look very smart though.

sixofnine's picture

Solo music review.

Seriously thinking of getting a new generation Solo Music to replace my Neo, but I haven't yet seen a review. Are you planning to give it a test anytime soon?

Andy Clough's picture

Arcam Solo Music review

Yes we are! The Solo Music is in our test rooms right now, and will appear as a First Test in the August issue of the magazine, on sale 6th July. It might even appear online before that wink

sixofnine's picture

Solo music test.

Great! Thanks Andy - looking forward to it. Hoping it will be another step up in sound, like the Neo was over the original. Useful to have the HDMI inputs too!

sixofnine's picture

Great review, which gives me

Great review, which gives me confidence to replace my Solo Neo and irDac with this new beauty!