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Samsung UE32D6100 lipsync issues

I have recently bought the above TV. In many ways it is superb, especially the picture quality. However, in a very important way it is deeply flawed. The TV will not lipsync properly with DVDs played on my Arcam Movie Solo 5.1. I have had no such issues with other TVs that have previously been connected to the Arcam, so can only assume that it is the new TV. The connection is via HDMI. My Arcam dealer (who also sells Samsung TVs) suggested that the problem is all the picture processing that the TV does. Although I have switched off all the "user accessible" ones he thinks that there are further "engineer accessible" ones that are still causing the problem. Samsung have not been helpful, telling me that I need to update the TV's firmware. The firmware is fully up to date and the problem keeps recurring. The lipsync problem is not even constant: at times the lipsync is accurate and (within the same disc) the lipsync is out by up to 0.25s and keeps yoyo-ing between the two.

Has anyone else had this problem? How do I resolve it?

Your advice will be most welcome.

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