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Samsung P96 series Review

Hello all,

I've been looking everywhere trying to find a review of the 50" 1080p samsung plasma (PS50P96FD), which is their only model in the P96 series, and so far have been struggling.

I'm after a tv for my htpc that i'm putting together and have been a fan of the samsung models for a while now.  I like the look of the LCD M87 46" model (excellent black levels but colours slightly saturated and can struggle with lots of motion), but am also after more info on their 1080p plasma models before i make any decisions (no need to go into image retention i know all about that).

Can anyone help with a review or have any other non samsung recommendations to make.

Features I want:

a) 1:1 Pixel mapping - I've read the M87 range has this but don't know about the plasma, i've emailed samsung and am waiting for a reply 

b) 1080p

c)45-50ish inches



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Re: Samsung P96 series Review
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Re: Samsung P96 series Review

Thanks for that, the review is only two days old which is presumably why google hasn't picked it up yet. Annoying really cos i spent a good few hours trawling through various sites yesterday Sad


Cheers V 

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Re: Samsung P96 series Review

The screen is avalible form here http://www.cramptonandmoore.co.uk/ps50p96fdx-3-year-warranty-i602999.html for £1799 with a 3 year warranty. I got my Samsung ps50 q97hdx from these guys and they are very good to deal with.

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