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Panny TX-L32D25 - worst TV I've every owned

I bought a Panny a couple of years ago, and it's been nothing but a string of problems. It occasionally, probably once a month, switches itself off for no apparent reason.

The EPG won't show more than a few hours ahead. It shows the current day's programmes, but nothing beyond. 

It stopped connecting to my network DNLA server a few months ago, but it does connect to the Viera Connect web site. I've followed the network check routine, and all appears to be correct. Other devices on the network can find the server without problem, so the symptoms point to the TV.

I've done a factory reset - twice and that has made no difference at all. I've checked the Panny web site, and downloaded the lastest updates, but they make no difference at all.

I've emailled Panny Customer Services and that's a joke. Each time I get (eventually) the following reply:

Thank you for your e-mail enquiry.

In response, unfortunately, without inspection of your particular screen, it is impossible to determine whether it is operating correctly to within specification. I can only recommend, if you are in any way concerned, that you consult with either your retailer or your local service agent. However, should the inspection from a service agent reveal that the television is operating within specification, then you may be charged for this inspection. Those in your local area can be found through our website;

How can a TV that switches itself off, won't display more than a few hours EPG and won't link to a network be operating corectly within specificaion.

I am thinking of buying a new Blu-ray player, and Panny are definitely not on the candidates list.

Does any-one have any recommendations on getting this thing working properly?




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RE: Panny TX-L32D25 - worst TV I've every owned

That sounds awfull have you contacted the shop you bought the tv from, you said you bought it a couple of years ago is it still under guarantee.

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RE: Panny TX-L32D25 - worst TV I've every owned

I bought it from Amazon, and their customer service team just refer me to deal directly with panasonic.


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RE: Panny TX-L32D25 - worst TV I've every owned

I've just realised I have the same TV. (The names are so convoluted nowadays I don't even recognise my own stuff sometimes.)

Sorry I can't help.

Never had a moment's problem with it. Having said that, I don't use it quite the same way as you describe. I get all my iPlayer via the TV Portal on my Humax. I wouldn't have a clue how to connect it to a 'DNLA server' or why.

I don't have any problems with the EPG. I can look ahead to the next day (just tried it for the sake of this thread, I normally use the EPG on the Humax).

Unlike on the Humax EPG, I cannot look back at yesterday's listings on the Panasonic, though I rarely need to and I don't think that represents a problem.

Sorry to see you bought from Amazon (I guess it was a price thing).

I paid £549 for ours in March 2011 - just a few weeks before it was discontinued - from John Lewis and that included their free 5 year warranty.

I have bought all of our televisions from John Lewis for the last 25 years and always had fantastic service on the few occasions it was required.

That doesn't help you now, but next time you buy a TV (pretty soon by the sound of things) I can totally recommend them.

Some people think i'm an idiot for not buying such things online and not saving a few quid, but I am always nervous about getting bitten on the bum by things going wrong years down the line and having to pay for it.

Good luck with Panasonic UK and Amazon. I hope you get some satisfaction and a fully working telly soon.


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RE: Panny TX-L32D25 - worst TV I've every owned

I've coming to the conclusion that I might need to replace it. The major thing it has going for it is that it has a great picture. The colours are very good, and I haven't seen anything else that compares to it.

I'd really like to find a solution. Trawling the web shows that the connectivity and the EPG problems are quite commonn, so it looks to be a software issue. The Service Page on the Panny web site  refers to these issues and states that the latest firmware upgrade will address them, but it hasn't.

I am really frustrated that I can't find a solution.




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RE: Panny TX-L32D25 - worst TV I've every owned

Have you tried picking up the phone and calling Panasonic?

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