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Best PQ and best 3d

Ok so which tv has the best PQ and best 3D out of these tv's

sony 55hx853

panasonic 55 st50

samsung 60e6500

panasonic 50 gt50

i can't decide between the top three but I though I would chuck the gt50 in as well.

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RE: Best PQ and best 3d

I recently bought the 46" version of the Sony (same panel & tech as the 55").  The picture quality is absolutely amazing!  The best I've seen on a TV.  So far, I've noticed no motion blurring & colours, contrast, blacks, skin tone are all just as you'd want them.  Incredible!  I tend to watch the HD channels all the time now as the difference is notable& pronounced.  Though standard resolution is still the best I've seen.  Even normal DVDs seem brighter, sharper and have clearer more natural tones.  The 3D is pretty special too!  To me and my friends, the 3D seemed better than that in a cinema!  Didn't notice any crossover and was able to move my head about and retain the 3D image.  I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of this TV!  Biggrin

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RE: Best PQ and best 3d

A month ago you’d decided to buy the ST50, so what’s changed your mind?

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RE: Best PQ and best 3d

This is just my slant on this!

I think the Sony 46" HX853 and Panasonic 50" GT50 are the best TVs on the market at the £1200 price point!

I really do not think you can go wrong with either, I demoed both for an hour each with HD, SD, 2D BD and was blown away by both!

My reasons for picking the Panasonic were as follows:

1. The PQ on BD playback is superb, its more vivid - nicer skin tones and lovely deep contrasting blacks! 

2. Slightly larer screen for same £

3. Free glasses

I just thought the Panasonic was a little bit more value for money, however the Sony was very close - I think you need to demo both and see which you prefer....they are both excellent TVs and I would be happy with either but my preference was the Panasonic!


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