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Which Graham Slee Phono Amp?

I have a DL110 cart which is a High output Moving Coil (HOMC) which puts out 1.6mV. I have been looking at getting a Graham Slee phono amp but don't know which type is suitable. 

On the Graham Slee website it says all MM amps are suitable for HOMC but state a minimum output of 2mV is required from the cartridge and yet all Low output MC amps on the site say they can take a maximum input of 1mV? My DL110 falls in the middle at 1.6mV and appears to be incompatible with any Graham Slee amp. 


Has anybody used a DL 110 cartridge with a Graham Slee amp and if so which one? Any comments appreciated.



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RE: Which Graham Slee Phono Amp?

Would suggest you have a look at Graham Slee's website and use their forums where you can ask Mr Slee direct


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RE: Which Graham Slee Phono Amp?

I have already tried calling Graham Slee Audio directly numerous times. I will see what transpires. 

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RE: Which Graham Slee Phono Amp?

Has anyone tried one of graham slee's DIY phono amp kits? I dont have a great phono amp at present and produces alot of hum. 

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