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Second hand technics

Hi all,

Someone I know has a Technics hifi system in black (full size not midi I think) and the turntable no longer works. I am not entirely sure what model it is but I would like to buy them a replacement for Christmas. The budget is less than £50 so second hand.

It would be good to get another Technics to match with his system but could consider other makes of a similar style. I was thinking of something like the TECHNICS SL-BD22D. Any opinions or other ideas?



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Re: Second hand technics

There's a National Panasonic TT for £15.00 on Gumtree, no ideal what the model number is, but it's a mid/late-70s deck going by appearance alone. Spend £25 on an AT-95E cartridge and away you go. Use the last tenner to get a couple of LPs and the job's a good 'un!


It's based in London though, so this may not be ideal. Check out Gumtree locally though, the Audio sections in the larger towns usually have something interesting, likewise shops such as Cash Generator (the ones in Edinburgh get some decent used kit in from time to time) and the like. Local papers too.

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