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Streamer Advice please - SM6?

Hi All,

I’m looking for some advice as I’m starting to convert my CD collections into FLAC via EAC and expect 2-3000 tracks at the end.  I’m looking to dip my toe into the streaming malarkey and want for a good match to my existing system and also have some questions on whether I should sell some of my existing components.  Current Set up:


CD – CA640C

Amp – CA640A (V2 I believe)

Tuner – CA640T

Turntable-  ProJect Debut MkIII USB

Speakers – MS902i’s


I’m android all the way atm and was concerned about the SM6 android interface and software as it seems to cause some contention on the forums.

Would the internet radio on the  SM6 relay DAB channels and is the SQ an improvement so that it would make the 640T redundant in the set up and could offset some of the cost?

I’m not keen on getting rid of the 640C but could be persuaded if that makes sense.  I still like chucking in a disk to listen to and would find network reliability issues annoying.

I’m also assuming I’d need a NAS or storage attached to the SM6 to ensure availability whenever I want to play anything.




PS for some reason forum keeps crashing on post, hence the duplicate thread.  Took 6 attempts to post this as came up blank, has to use firefox in the end.

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