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Focal JMLab Chorus 714S

Got a pair of ex-demo Chorus 714s online from Hi-Fi Bitz about 6 months ago for £200 which are tremendous but have lead to the age old problem.

I currently have Cambridge Audio 540 V2 amp and CD player and recently ungraded the cables to Chord Carnival Silverscreen and Chord Chameleon Silver Plus. The problem is that the speakers and cables have shown up the Amp and CD to be good but not brilliant, so I've decided to upgrade the amp (for now) and then the CD player when I have the money. I'm willing to spend up to £2,000 for an Amp & CD but I'm in 10 minds about what to go for and I don't want to end up upgrading the speakers as well as my wife will give me a severe Chinese burn.

Any suggestions about a good Amp & CD combo for the 714's would be appreciated. Has anybody tried the Primare CDI10 looks the dog's but is it any good ?

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Re: Focal JMLab Chorus 714S

You might be better to post this in the hi-fi section of the forums. You'll get more help that way.

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