BRISTOL SHOW 2012: Focal launches new Bird music systems

Focal has today confirmed UK pricing and availability details for its Bird music systems, set to be demonstrated at the Sound and Vision Show in Bristol this weekend.

The Power Bird (above), which contains system amplification and a subwoofer, is available with a choice of three passive loudspeaker add-ons: Little Bird, Bird, and Super Bird, with package prices starting from £700.

The Power Bird offers two digital inputs – one coaxial on RCA socket and one optical – and three analogue ins: two on RCA sockets and one a 3.5mm mini-jack socket.

There's also an option for wireless connection to iOs devices using a Kleer dongle plugged into the standard 32-pin dock connector on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, which then transmits to the Power Bird without the need for a cable.

Power Bird combines control, amplification (2x35W and 80W for its internal subwoofer), and can also be used for playback from a MAC or PC laptop.

The unit can be wall- or shelf-mounted, and is finished in gloss diamond black or gloss diamond white. The company says 'Compact, stylish, and attractive, the Power Bird features simple, easy to use controls'.

Power Bird can be used in conjunction with one of three loudspeaker systems: Little Bird, Bird, and Super Bird.

All the loudspeaker systems are real two-way designs, while bass in the Super Bird is augmented by a passive radiator.

Little Bird is a micro loudspeaker with internal volume of 0.5 litre, equipped with a 10cm driver and a 19mm tweeter, and is supplied with two types of rotating stands, which allow on-wall or on-ceiling fixing.

Bird has a similar appearance to Little Bird, and uses the same tweeter with a 14cm bass driver in a 2.2- litre volume

Meanwhile Super Bird uses the same driver configuration, but with that passive radiator for increased low-end performance.

Prices are:

Little Bird £200

Bird £300

Super Bird £500

Packages with Power Bird are:

Little Bird 2.1 System £700

Bird 2.1 System £800

Super Bird 2.1 System £1000

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