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I would like to know if there would be anything to gain from changing the mains power cable and plug on my receiver. Its one that is hard wired into the unit so I would have to open it up to do the upgrade. I have already replaced the volume potentiometer in my STR-DB930 to give a smoothre volume curve. So im pretty confident I could do the mains cable swap. If you think this is a good idea, does anyone have any suggestions for cables/ plus I should use?

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Re: tweaking

Not sure how much you'd gain, but might be worth experimenting with a shielded mains cable and a decent-quality MK plug or something similar. But only go anywhere near this if you know what you're doing!!!

Alternatively, you could buy a male IEC connector like this, cut off the mains cable going into your receiver leaving just enough wire to connect into the male IEC, and then use any commercially available 'hi-fi' mains cable with a female IEC termination to hook up your receiver. That tip came from the Russ Andrews website, as here:


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Re: tweaking

thanks! I think i will try the complete replacement route, considering the price of aftermarket power leads.

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