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B&W CM 5.1?

Anyone use or heard B&W CM series as a 5.1 system?

CM8 fronts, CM1 rears, CM Centre, ASW10CM sub?

Just curious since the CM1 are pretty bass heavy even without a sub.

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Regardless of the tonal

Regardless of the tonal nature of the speaker, the auto setup/ EQ system will try and get the best out of them, and EQ them so they're tonally neutral. Obviously some system are better at this than others, but the point is it doesn't matter of a speaker is too bassy, as there are plenty of things you can do to reduce bass. Ideally, CM1 would be set to small anyway, as would the centre speaker - it'd be up to you if you set the CM8s to small as well. 

The first thing I would so is use the outer part of the two part bung that B&W provide with their speakers. 

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Yup, I use exactly those
Yup, I use exactly those speakers (except a different sub) and I love the sound.    
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