sky garden
New advice site tells you all you need to know about al fresco audio and video

You've probably already seen Ultimate Guides editor Andy Kerr's first home cinema guide for Sky Movies, in which he teamed up with interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to show you how to create that cinema experience in your own home.

Well, now he's got together with Sky again to explain how you can create a Garden Cinema by taking your home entertainment system out into the garden, and communing with nature while enjoying all the action.

His partner this time round is horticulturalist and celebrity gardener Chris Collins, and together they have tips and a video to explain how to set up your al fresco system, from taking the TV out onto the deck to setting up the full projector and screen shebang for maximum impact.

From connecting it all up to growing mint for your Mojitos, it's all covered – and given the weather forecast for this weekend, it could be timely advice.