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Bose T10 v Cambridge Audio Minx s215

Hi All, I'm new to the world of better audio and am looking for a little advice please.  I am struggling to compare the Bose T10 cinema system with the idea of building a separates system using the Cambridge Audio Minx s215 and possibly a Yamaha VSX922 reciever.I've narrowed my choice to these because I like the tiny speakers associated with each, this is particularly because I don't have a large sitting room (approximately 4m x 4m).  I know the Q Acoustics 2000i get great reviews but they just appear too large for me.I intend to use the speakers for a combination of music, film and TV listening; probably mainly film.I would really appreciate any advice out there from all of you guys that are clearly more in the know than I am.

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RE: Bose T10 v Cambridge Audio Minx s215

Hi there,

I have owned Bose speakers before and they do look great but I was not happy with their sound quality especially when you consider how much Bose equipment costs! I have heard the Cambridge Audio Minx S325 system which sounded a hell of a lot better than the Bose set up in the same HiFi shop and was considerably cheaper. You could get the CA Minx S325 plus a great amp like the Yamaha 673 (last years model but do you really care) and have cash left over for a blu-ray player plus movies or CD's. It will never look as cool as the Bose but would sound better, especially with music. It all depends on what you value, style or sound? There are plenty of 'style' speaker systems available and some sound amazingly 'big'. If you want a stylish but great sounding amp take a look at the Marantz receivers as they look pretty cool to me.

I know it isn't always easy to compare systems as dealers rarely stock every combination.

Overall everyone will have a different take on your dillema. Try to listen to the systems you like with your own CD's or movies to get an idea of their quality and if you can live with them. Don't always listen to the sales pitch you will inevitably get.

Good luck!


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