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2nd hand KEF Centre Speaker

Good afternoon, everyone! I'm looking for advice on 2nd hand KEF centre speakers.

I've been putting up with a mis-matched front 3 speaker set up for about 2 years now and I'm getting a bit cheesed off with it (actually I've been cheesed off with it for 2 years too but am only admitting it now!!!)


My set up comprises:

Sources: Sony BDP S-380, Pure i20 Ipod Dock / DAC, Humax FoxSat HDR

Receiver: Sony STR DH-800

Speakers: Fronts: Kef Q35.2 floorstanders circa 2001,     Centre: Mission 77c II,   Surrounds: Monitor Audio Monitor One circa 1995?      Sub: Wharfedale Diamond SW150.


I rather like the Q35.2 fronts still so am thinking of keeping these and getting a 2nd hand KEF centre speaker. The "identical" centre is the Q95.2c but it's only 2 way. Perhaps I am wrong with assuming this to be a problem? The current Mission 77C has tripple dome tweeters, a single bass driver and a single bass radiator.


Room size is approx 20ft by 12 ft with the TV and viewing / listening position across the narrow width (so about 7ft from TV to ear). Three seater sofa opposite the TV so ideally could do with a reasonably wide "dispersion".


Options seem to be:

Q95c (or Q95.2c)- quite inexpensive and fairly easy to come by but only one bass driver.

Q9c, Q6c or Q10c- A bit more aestheticly pleasing at least! 9 and 6 only one driver, 10 looks a bit more beefy but never even heard of it before, let alone come across one!

iQ2c- fairly easy to come by but again only a single bass driver

iQ6c- bit more beefy with three way.

iQ60c- Same cabinet I believe as the 6c. Most expensive as current until 2011.


I'm not in a mad rush to get a centre- I've put up for two years already- so would rather wait until the best option is available.


Does anyone have any experience of one / some / most / all of the above? Any help very gratefully received!