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Quiet phono stage.


Ive just had my Audiolab 8000a back from the local repair shop. ( It had a loud crackle when the function selector was set to phono). They have replaced the caps and resistors. It now works but it is very quiet, it has to be turned to 12 oclock to get any decent volume out of it.

Any ideas?


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Re: Quiet phono stage.

Take it back to the shop, could be a wrong setting.

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Re: Quiet phono stage.

 Thanks for the reply Thaiman.

This only happens when in phono. I dont know anything about electronics but hopefully its as simple as that.  

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Re: Quiet phono stage.

yes it's as simple as that.i have just had my 8000a repaired with a new volume switch.i was having a monthly clean and forgot to unplug my cd lead,tugged it to hard and it slipped from my grasp falling on to the rack and bending the volume control(idiot) anyway new switch and it's as good as new with volume consistant over all inputs.take it back and ask nicely for your amp to be rechecked.

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