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RE: Monitor Audio BX6 vs RX6

Well we finally have a decision.

I undertook a 2nd listening test for:-


Keff Q900

Monitor Audio RS6

Monitor Audio RS8


The Keff''s are an attractive speaker, and delivered a beautiful clean clear sound, but again it didnt deliver a 'Big' sound that I like with a bit more bass to it.

Monitor Audio RS6 - Very disappointing in that it was no where near as good as the BX6 in performance for me.

Monitor Audio RS8 - A bigger sound with the extra bass weight, but lost it in the mid range.


So it was an easy victory for the Dali Ikon 6, and I would place the Monitor Audio BX6 in 2nd place.

I also managed to barter a very good price at Richer Sounds for the Dali £775. So I am really happy.


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