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Denon CEOL RCD-N8 - problems


Hi guys,

got some problems with a new Denon Ceol System,

I've mailed the Denon customer support 2 days ago but since I still don't have any response I'm trying my luck here.

I've bought a Denon RCD-N8 a week ago, everything was working well for the first couple of days. All the updates were performed. Was really happy with my purchase. After those first days it randomly started to shut itself down and the powerlight turned to red and started flashing. I can't do anything after that. When I take the plug out for a couple of minutes and plug it back in, it works again. It keeps doing this and it doesn't seem to be source related. It does it sometimes when I turn it on, sometimes after a couple of minutes or an hour. Sometimes it doesn't do it. I did read the manual and it says it might be the speakers but they seem to be connected well (Qed Silver with airlock plugs).

Does anybody have this same problem and if so, how did you resolve this?


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RE: Denon CEOL RCD-N8 - problems

AFAIK not many people here have that unit, so you may not get an answer, or hopefuly my reply bumps this for you so it doesn't get overlooked.

Although it is convenient to try to seek an answer by email, it seems that people frequently don't get an answer or a timely answer. This applies for companies of all sizes. Considering how much business relies on email these days, it's surprising, but that's just the way it often is. My suspicion is that by having an email address public on a website those kinds of customer support addresses get loads of spam and this may have an impact on their usefulness.

I think you need to phone customer support or take the unit back where you bought it to have them deal with it.

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RE: Denon CEOL RCD-N8 - problems

You need to go back to your dealer.  It is their responsibility, rather than Denon's, to deal with this issue.  Take the unit back to your dealer and request an exchange for a new unit. 

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RE: Denon CEOL RCD-N8 - problems


My unit seems to have stopped doing this since yesterday. I removed the bananaplugs on the unit end and this seems to have resolved the issue.

Thanks for the replies.


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Hi scrnwriter,

Can you please share your experience with Denon Ceol N8? Iam thinking myself to bye Denon ceol N8 in pair with Dali Zensor1. I will be using it mainly for playing CD's  and internet radio. In the future I am planning to stream the digital collection from the NAS. What is your experience with sound quality? Thats my main concern? Any tips qua speakers maybe? It's pretty tough to find any throughout review on this one on the web.

Maybe anyone else can post their experience with Denon Ceol N8? Would be very much appreciated.

thank you 


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Buy with confidence you will not be dissapointed

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Denon CEOL RCD-N8 - problems


I have the same issue, after 15-30 min it shuts off completely and after around 30 min goes back on again. This happens most often when in analogue 1 mode.

I will return to shop.


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Hi all, just to know ....

Hi all, just to know .... does all these problem on this unit have been solved?

Denon rcd N8 is one of the 3 choice I'm doing ....



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My Denon Ceol N8 still works

My Denon Ceol N8 still works fine after 10 month's use even on the analogue 1 input for over a few hours and more, so yes looks like you have a faulty one, so as advised previously above for anaother user see your dealer to see if they can help first or have any suggestions, and if not then contact Denon to see if they can help  Smile

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I bought my Denon n8 about a month ago and have been having exactly the same problem as you have. The unit keeps shutting down randomly. I thought its a narrow tolerance to the power supply so i plugged it into a power stabiliser. Didnt help one bit. Surely Denon must know about this problem., its so serious. Have you found a solution? If so please help me.

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