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Auric Illuminator, it's really work!

If you only have £30 for your upgrade what would you buy? 

Some active forum's members may noticed that I am a sceptic person! I choose common sense now a day rather than indulgent myself with expensive kettle leads. 
So when my friend told me about Audience Auric Illuminator which basicly is a gel that use for cleaning cd disc, I didn't get too excited about.  I have used a few of cd cleaner products in the past and none of them are worth a cloth that use to wipe them on!  But I will try anything (that cost less than £30) once so I ordered it from the US of A!

The box came within a week and it contains 1 black ink marker pen, 1 bottle of gel, cardboard template and a lots of good qaulity cleaning cloth.  The black marker pen trick is not new, as I have tried it back in the early 90s and although it does improve the disc reading ability I don't think it worth the dirty hands.  The Auric Illuminator gel, however, works! 

I followed the instruction by apply gel on to both side of the cd, buff off with the supplied cloth and insert the cd into my trusty friend, MF 308cr, and Bingo!.  The soundstage is noticebly wider, the treble lift a little and the bass is firm up too!  It's not night and day improvement but it's enough to warrant spending £30!  The gel would treat over 1000 cds so that work out about 3p each......now that is a bargain