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Audica CS-T1 Towers

I have a common problem, a wife who thinks that all speakers are "ugly wooden boxes", and they are not to be allowed into the house.


Anyway in search of a solution to partner the new love of my life (my arcam solo hifi) we came across the rather excellent Mythos 1 speakers from definitive technology. Only real problem was the near 2 grand price tag which I thought a bit steep.

I have recently came across the Audica CS-T1 Towers which she thinks "look really good".my question is, has anyone heard how they sound ? All reviews seem to be of them in a home cinema /5.1 setup. Wondering if anyone has heard them with simple stereo. I am expecting to have to introduce a sub into the mix, but that wouldnt be a problem.


any opinions would be of great interest.