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amp dilemma - cyrus, roksan or marantz

Livng here in singapore deciding on upgrade and decided the amp is my starting point. 

Because of exchange rates the prices vary a lot from the UK so the normal recommendation you would make may change.

The three choices I have narrowed down to are the Roksan LIII at 400 pounds (650 in UK) , Marantz PM15-s1 at 500 pounds(850 in UK) or the Cyrus 8vs2 at 700 pounds(800 in UK).

I am pairing the amp with a set of B&W P5's and a marantz CD17 mkII KI.

current amp is an arcam 8r and 9p biamped setup

 what are your thoughts given the price factors? Marantz on a value for money basis, cyrus for quality or do nothing?

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Re: amp dilemma - cyrus, roksan or marantz

According to various review, the Roksan seems to be exceptional value for money. Also it is tremendously powerful which might go well with the speakers you are using. Not to mention it is your cheapest choice ... Smile

I personally would give it a try...



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Re: amp dilemma - cyrus, roksan or marantz

Are you able to listen to these amps paired to your own kit? I would use that as the most important guide.

I live in the Netherlands and prices over here can vary a lot as well. Which can place a piece of equipment in a totally different price bracket. (I assume my Roksan Kandy L.III amp & CD-player twin pack for 950 GBP, would have been tested against different competition if this would have been the regular pricing in the UK) 

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