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Shure SE425's or Bose Soundlink Mini + Sony XBA-2's?

Unfortunately, I lost my old Shure SE215's whilst abroad this christmas. However, I enjoyed using them so much that I'm seriously contemplating replacing them with SE425's. Alternatively (for the same amount of money) I've realised that I could buy a Bose Soundlink mini for use at home and a pair of Sony XBA-2's for school. I once owned some XBA-1's, which I did quite like.

I honestly have no idea which option I should go for. I've also never listened to a pair of SE425's, but I've read many exceptional reviews and I'm confident that anything from Shure shoud perform well. 

If it makes ant difference, most of the music I listen to is folk rock, indy and accoustic. 

Thanks in advance for any advice you're able to offer    :grin:

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RE: Shure SE425's or Bose Soundlink Mini + Sony XBA-2's?

Have not heard the SE425's myself, but thinking of buying them in the future based on various reviews i've read.  They should be good for your taste in music.

I would also consider the Etymotic HF5 - I bought this recently, not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised providing you use it with a good source.  Think I paid around £80 from Amazon.

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RE: Shure SE425's or Bose Soundlink Mini + Sony XBA-2's?

Hi,I have the bose soundlink mini and shure se425 and they are both .

The 425s are very dependent on the tips you use though..I struggled to find the best sound becoming increasingly dissapointed with them even thinking of selling until....I got some comply p series and oh my word they now sound amazing !!!

i also have hf5 and for the price are excellent.

as for the soundlink the sound from such a small unit is unbelievable.

take a look at the reviews on amazon and com.

hope that helps

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