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"Revolution" coming to Sky 1.

Anybody know when it`s due to start airing ? I have a mate in the States and he is raving about this. The second series is due to start over there in March. Thanks.

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RE: "Revolution" coming to Sky 1.

Seen a trailer for this the other night, can't remember when it starts though. Looks good.

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RE: "Revolution" coming to Sky 1.

Don't think they've announced exact airdate yet. It is the second half of the first series that is about to air in the US in March, it is on a break for about 3 months there, which I gues is why Sky have delayed showing it.

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RE: "Revolution" coming to Sky 1.

I have seen the first series and thought it was great as well as original and would thoroughly recommend it.  Can't wait for the second series and glad to know it's back in March- all IMDB says is '2013'.


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