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Panasonic Hard Disk Recorder Problems

Hi. I've got a Panasonic DMR-BS750 Blu-ray recorder and a few problems have started, I just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same?

Sometimes, a programme I've set to record, doesn't. If I'm present, the red Rec light starts to flash a few mins before the prog is due to start, then it just keeps flashing and doesn't record, either at the start time I set or when it receives a signal from the broadcaster. I suppose it sometimes doesn't get the signal and so is waiting for ever...if that's the case can anything be done?

Also, it won't go into Auto Standby. Whether I set it to Standby after 2 hrs or 4 hrs, it should go off if there are no inputs from the user in that time. It doesn't, it just stays on all day, if I go to work and accidentally leave it on. It used to work, this feature.


p.s. I've also posted this in the Home Cinema - Blu-ray forum to maximise the chance of someone with the same problem seeing it...