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DAB reliability

I bought a DAB portable radio for my bedside and a hand held one for occasional use. After three years they have both died, although I can still receive FM on the bedside one. I have now reverted to my older but reliable and better sounding analogue. I also possess a Hacker radio which is more than Forty years old and still going strong. Any comments?

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Re: DAB reliability

 I've had similar problems with DAB radio reliability. My bedside DAB stopped working after 15 months so I contacted the manufacturer who replaced it free of charge even though it was out of warranty. All it costs was the postage to send the broken one back, the replacement was even the newer model - well done Pure! I'm now waiting to see if this one will get through the magic 15 month barrier...

My most reliable radio  is my 1965 Ferguson valve set with a bakelite case - takes a while to get going but has a wonderful warm sound. Its just a pity that its AM only though. 

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