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Benchmark DAC 1 vs Russ Andrews DAC-1 vs Rega DAC

Good Evening,

Has anyone here been able to compare any of these against each other? I'm thinking of swapping out the Benchmark for the Russ Andrews due to the additional inputs (and possibly warmer sound), the rega is also on the list and seems to get some positive reviews. Another option is the NAD 1050 but I can't really gauge how people rate it at the moment (although I can obviously go and demo one to see how it stacks up against the benchmark)..


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RE: Benchmark DAC 1 vs Russ Andrews DAC-1 vs Rega DAC

İ can saynthat Benchmark is more naturel then Rega for my taste. 

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The DACmagic Plus would has a

The DACmagic Plus has a generous amount of inputs.

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