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Vortexbox and IPeng

I have a Vortexbox which I use to rip music and then play through an Squeezebox Touch. The Vortexbox is fanless and silent unless ripping. I use IPeng and my IPhone to control the squeezebox. I've noticed that IPeng can control the Vortexbox directly and so I have the facility to play directly from the Vortexbox outputting via USB to a DAC. The IPeng app lets me listen to internet radio, including IPlayer and listen again services.

Currently I don't have a DAC and so have not tested this facility but my question is - what is the Squeezebox adding? I hardly ever use the Squeezebox touchscreen. Given current second hand values of Squeezebox Touch I could sell the Squeezebox and have more left over for a DAC - I intend to buy one anyway but could now afford a better one. If I was to invest in some wireless DACs I could quickly and easily set up a multiroom system.

Are there other benefits that I will only appreciate once they are gone?

Given the quality of IPeng and Vortexbox why would I ever buy a streamer as opposed to investing in better DACs. I'm sure I must be missing something here particularly in relation to how the information is pulled / requested / pushed am I. Are these issues compensated by the error correction possible via USB as opposed to through an optical or coax digital connection?

Thanks for any advice in advance.