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Upgrading, need experts help!

Hello guys, so it's time to upgrade my home cinema and needed experts advice, at the moment this is the set-up i have:

TV: Sharp 52" 1080p, model: lc-52xl1e   Spec: HERE
DVD player: Pioneer DV-400V Spec: HERE
AV receiver: Pioneer VSX-917V Spec: HERE
Speakers: Pioneer 5.1 S-SP410

The whole setup excluding the TV cost me around £1000 around 4-5 years ago. The main reason i am upgrading is because the dvd player when playing a movie through a USB/DVD jitters a lot on certain scenes which have a lot of the same colour in, for example ocean, or trees in the forest, or sand in deserts, anyway you get the idea. I believe i only need to upgrade the DVD player and im looking to spend around £500. I want experts advice on what is the best DVD player to get for my money, the key features which i will require is for the DVD player to be able to play movies from my Hard drive through USB or if possible i would like a WIFI and play movies that way. Im thinking whever i should buy an older top range dvd player or a high range new dvd player. Here is some of the dvd players which cought my attention:




Please let me know what you guys think and please advice me in this situation!
Any help appreciated, Thanks!  

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RE: Upgrading, need experts help!

First of all - is the jitter down to the motion settings on your TV. I would suspect it is.


But if not, and you really want a new player I would suggest spending up to around £200 on a new blu-ray player. 

I wouldnt spend £500 or so on a dvd player that is around 3 years old. Technology has come on a long way from those players you link to, and you can get a lot more for a lot less now.



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RE: Upgrading, need experts help!

For £200 you could buy the Sony S790.  If you keep track of my thread, David and myself are about to review the Oppo 103, as soon I demo it I will report back.  I am in a dilemma as to whether I should spend above £200 purely for bluray playback. 

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