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Onkyo TXNR727 or Yamaha RXV775?

Hi all,


Just asking for advice on which one to go for. Both are around the same price point in Richer Sounds at the moment (£650 for Yamaha and £700 for Onkyo). This is to pair with Mordaunt Short Aviano 6's amd 5 in the front and center, Wharfedale Diamond 9.1's in the rear and the Wharfedale SW150 subwoofer. What experiences have people had with each of them?

EDIT: Just had a quick peek on Richer Sounds' website and the Pioneer SCLX56 is priced at £599 as "the last few left instore only". There's only 1 left in my local store and although specs wise it trumps both the Onkyo and Yamaha, I've been told not to pair a Pioneer AV with Mordaunt Short speakers as they both have bright sound signatures. Anyone have an opinion on this?


[Just a bit of background info, I originally had the Yamaha RXV567 and decided on upgrading my amp. After reading about the numerous troubles with the Onkyo models, I heard the new x2x range was supposed to be a big improvement over the last gen models especially with the HDMI boards. So in the end, I took the chance and went for the Onkyo TXNR626.

Going from a Yamaha to an Onkyo for the first time is really dissapointing. I felt the build quality of the Onkyo wasn't up to par with the Yamaha and the Onkyo has it's many quirks. It tends to kick up a fuss when on the other hand, doing the same operation on the Yamaha would be easy and smooth.

On top of that, I feel the sound quality is sub-par to that of the Yamaha I owned. The Onkyo is more detailed, but it seems the Yamaha could hold depth with less distortion. I also hate the fact that when you turn the subwoofer on, it doesn't distribute as much power and punch to the fronts as it would with the sub off. I've tried messing with the crossover to no avail and changing to "full band" is even worse. However, turn the subwoofer to "off" and it brings to fronts to life again.]

Anyway, long story short, I'm not happy with the 626 and my first Onkyo experience and wonder if all of my issues can be rectified with the 727 or whether it's just worth going back to Yamaha with the 775 even though the Onkyo 727 looks more appealing.

Many thanks in advance!