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Denon AVR2313 VS Yamaha RXV673

Hi there, I am after some advise on picking my next AV Receiver. I originally had a Denon AVR2310 after reading what hi fi reviews, which i was very pleased with, but it has since  given up the ghost. So Iam naturally looking at the Denon Avr2313 which i can pick up half price for around £400 but i cannot find any worthy reviews on it. I also keep looking at the yamaha RXV673 for a similar price but i am not sure it would be better. I certainly dont want to take a step backwards from the sound quality i had on the Denon 2310. I also use a Cd player through the amp and listen to a lot of music so i would appreciate if anyone could me an idea of how the yamaha would fair against the 2310 i used to own. Many thanks.


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RE: Denon AVR2313 VS Yamaha RXV673

leecon - I'm in exactly the same boat as you, although in my case I want to upgrade for 3D and dual HDMI outputs. My Denon AVR2310 works quite nicely with my B&W MT-60, so I don't want to take a step back, but I understand the Yamahas work well with B&W kit, so I'm open to suggestions.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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RE: Denon AVR2313 VS Yamaha RXV673

If your budget can stretch a bit, the denon avr 3313 would be a better suggestion.....it can be found for under £600 - originally it was over £1000!!

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RE: Denon AVR2313 VS Yamaha RXV673

Which speakers have you got?

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