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11 best Christmas gift ideas under £200

We've already rounded-up our favourite Christmas gift ideas under £100, but there's even more choice to be had and more quality kit a click or two away if you double your money.

Our latest guide includes an awesome entry-level pair of speakers, a brilliant budget turntable, and a couple of box sets for movie and vinyl fans.

Q Acoustic 3010i stereo speakers

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

If someone you know has an entry-level hi-fi system that needs a lift, then a new pair of speakers could could bring them some Chirstmas cheer. The Q Acoustics 3010is are brilliant budget speakers that are as at home on a bookshelf as they are on dedicated stands. They produce a very refined and rhythmic sound for the money - but you might struggle to squeeze them both into a Christmas stocking.

AKG N60 NC Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

The AKG N60NC Wireless are a great gift for the commuter or frequent flyer in your life. They bring all the benefits of Bluetooth and noise-cancelling in a compact, portable package. They sound clear and striking, with a nice balance and convincing dynamics.

Sony UBP-X700 4K Blu-ray player

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

Who wouldn't want an Award-winning 4K Blu-ray player wrapped up and put under their Christmas tree this year? Thanks to a decent price drop, this Sony disc-spinner now offers extra value and produces a superb picture that's hard to fault at the money. The fact it's one of the few current 4K players to support all forms of HDR, including Dolby Vision, is a real bonus.

Roberts Stream 94i radio

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

DAB, FM, internet radio and Bluetooth - the Roberts Stream 94i has it all. It's an appealing all-round package with a retro design. You can use Spotify Connect, USB, a 3.5mm aux input or stream your own tunes over your network. Dynamics are handled confidently and there's a nice overall balance to the sound. A solid Christmas buy.

Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings vinyl box set

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

If you're going to buy one vinyl box set this Christmas (for yourself or someone else) consider this one from The Police. We're talking six records, each packaged in its own sleeve, and a total of 51 songs, including classics such as Roxanne, Message in a Bottle and So Lonely. It'll provide some great background music when you're tucking into Christmas lunch and all the trimmings.

Audio Technica AT-LP3 turntable

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

For the budding vinyl enthusiast in your life, a brilliant budget turntable like this Audio Technica can make all the difference. Nothing about its build gives the impression it's a budget model, and the deck is fully automatic so it's a doddle to use. As we approach the vinyl countdown to Christmas, make sure this player is somewhere on your shopping list.

Sonos One smart speaker

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

Christmas is a good a time as any to kick-start a multi-room system and if you or a loved one are wondering where to start, then might we suggest the Sonos One. 

This wireless speaker has Alexa built in (and it'll get Google Assistant in 2019) and you can simply add more Sonos speakers to create a superb multi-room system over time. It's easy to use thanks to the Sonos app and the wealth of streaming apps it supports. It sounds great for the money, too.

Apple TV 4K video streamer

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

If someone in the family is planning to unwrap a 4K TV this Christmas, then why not give them the gift of 4K content. Apple's brilliant box of streaming tricks is their gateway to a huge library of movies, many of which are available in 4K HDR. The Apple TV 4K box boasts impressive picture and sound quality, while its attractive user interface completes the tempting package.

Disney Classics Box Set 1937-2018

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

One for the Disney fanatic in the family, this impressive box set spans over 80 years of Disney classics, from Bambi to Wreck-It Ralph and everything in between. 

There are 55 discs to navigate in total, which should probably get you through to next Christmas at the very least. The DVD box set costs £199.99, but there's also a Blu-ray version available for £249.99.

See the Disney Classics Box Set set at Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

If someone's asked Santa for a tablet and an Apple iPad is out of reach, then fear not: the Amazon Fire HD 10 is a fine affordable alternative. You'll have to accept its Amazon-centric quirks, but if you can look past them, the 1920 x 1200 screen delivers a great picture with good contrast and detail, and the tablet also serves up a very likeable sound. For the money, it's a great budget buy.