Our Verdict 
These headphones are good noise cancellers, but sound quality could be a lot better for the money
Comfortable fit
some useful accessories
good noise-cancelling
detailed sound
Dull, uninspiring presentation
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The noise-cancelling AH-NC732s from Denon get off to a promising start. First off, they're a compact, lightweight, folding design. Secondly, they're on-ear as opposed to over-ear so you only look like a cyberbaby – as opposed to a fully-grown cyberman.

Each ear-piece is fitted with a 40mm driver unit and an ear cushion made from a combination of urethane foam and soft leather.

The 'phones come with their own travel case, inside which you'll find accessories for every eventuality: two detachable cables (0.7m and 1.5m lengths), an airplane dual plug adaptor and a 6.3mm headphone adaptor.Noise-cancelling tech works wellThe Denons are comfortable, and the noise-cancelling does a fine job of muting outside interference.

We only have one real gripe with them, but it is a very important one – sound quality.

Detail levels are fine, but there's a real lack of dynamics. Up-tempo tunes that should be bursting with energy sound dull and uninspired.

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They're happy to plod along at a reduced rate of knots, which isn't what we expect from a pair of headphones at this price.