Best Bluetooth speakers


We've identified 10 excellent wireless options (and loads of great alternatives too) to give you your wireless jollies at a whole range of prices. Whether you need a portable speaker with excellent battery life or a mains-powered, desktop speaker with multi-room smarts, you shouldn't have any problem finding the best Bluetooth speaker to fit your needs.

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Portable under £100

Ultimate Ears Roll 2

Don't let the bright colours distract you - as well as being eye-catching, the UE Roll 2 sounds fantastic. No wonder it was awarded a Best Buy in our 2017 Awards. Bluetooth bargain hunters, look no further.


Bluetooth | 9-hour battery life | Waterproof

Reasons to Buy
Enthusiastic, full-bodied performance
Clear and detailed
Fluid dynamics and open sound
Great design and easy to use
Reasons to Avoid
Pricier rivals offer greater bass weight

Portable under £200

Ultimate Ears Blast

The Blast's energetic performance and fun design make this wireless speaker a joy to use. Battery life clocks in at 15 hours and the Blast even has Alexa voice-control built-in.


Bluetooth | Alexa voice control | 12hr battery life

Reasons to Buy
Great portable design
Exciting, dynamic sound
Good detail and punchy timing
Strong midrange
Easy to use
Reasons to Avoid
Top end can get excitable at loud volumes
Alexa features not exhaustive
Relatively pricey

Portable under £300

Ultimate Ears Megablast

A lively, entertaining speaker that manages to control its performance at the same time as really letting its hair down.


Alexa voice control | 360-degree sound | Portable | Bluetooth

Reasons to Buy
Dynamic, detailed sound
Enthusiastic, punchy rhythms
Precise, taut basslines
Goes really very loud
Excellent build and design
Reasons to Avoid
Presentation is slightly lean
Not fully featured just yet

Under £200

Audio Pro Addon T5

If you're looking for an impressive stationary speaker, we can't see any reason why you'd shy away from the T5. A 2017 Award-winner.


Bluetooth | USB input | 3.5mm audio jack

Reasons to Buy
Great dynamism
Clear and transparent
Good sense of timing
Reasons to Avoid
Lack of portability

Under £300

Audio Pro Addon C10

Audio Pro took home our 2017 Product of the Year Award for its Addon C5 speaker. Then it went and delivered something even better.


80W amplifier | Bluetooth 4.0 | Spotify Connect

Reasons to Buy
Rich, powerful performance
Expert sense of timing and dynamics
More spacious presentation than any rival
Multi-room functionality and host of connections
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing at this price

Under £400

Dali Katch

With its smooth, engaging sound and 24-hour battery life, this Dali Bluetooth speaker ticks all our boxes.


aptX Bluetooth | 24-hour battery life | USB charging port

Reasons to Buy
Powerful, full-bodied sound
Great sense of timing and dynamics
Long battery life
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing at this price

Under £500

B&W Zeppelin Wireless

Fast becoming a classic, the B&W Zeppelin has everything you could want from a wireless speaker, including AirPlay, Spotify Connect and aptX Bluetooth support. 

Reasons to Buy
Large spread of sound
Precise soundstage
Expressive mids
Stays composed at higher volumes
Seamless control and design
Good functionality
Reasons to Avoid
No Android app
Midrange could be more authoritative

Under £750

Naim Mu-so Qb

Clever packaging, lovely materials, tactile controls - and huge, convincing sound.

Reasons to Buy
Outstanding build
Big, bold sound
Decent detail
Strong rhythmic know-how
Reasons to Avoid
Bass a little rich at high volume
Could have a touch more insight through the midrange

Under £1000

Naim Mu-so

Soaring dynamics combine with a rich, powerful sound and impressive sense of scale. A fantastic speaker if your budget can stretch.


AptX Bluetooth | USB, optical inputs | AirPlay, UPnP, Spotify Connect

Reasons to Buy
Rich, powerful sound
Huge sense of scale and soaring dynamics
Finish and design
Excellent features list
Intuitive operation
Reasons to Avoid
Sounds a touch thick at high volumes

Desktop Bluetooth

Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2

Not only do these Ruarks look stylish, they have the sound to match - effortlessly musical, with impressive dynamics. These Bluetooth speakers will look at home on any desk.


Optical input | Bluetooth aptX | 3.5mm aux input

Reasons to Buy
Stunningly musical sound
Subtle dynamics
Stylish, compact design
Streamlined features
Reasons to Avoid
No USB input