Bluetooth speakers are super-convenient, more affordable than ever before and, in the case of these brilliant recommendations, great-sounding...

We've identified 10 excellent Bluetooth options (and loads of great alternatives too) to give you your wireless jollies at a whole range of prices. Whether you need a portable or mains-powered device you shouldn't have any problem finding the best to fit your needs.

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Portable under £100

Ultimate Ears Roll 2

Reviewed on 26th May 2016 at

Don't let the bright colours distract you - as well as being eye-catching, the UE Roll 2 sounds fantastic. No wonder it was awarded a Best Buy in our 2017 Awards. Bluetooth bargain hunters, look no further.

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Portable under £200
Portable under £300
Under £200
Under £300

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Under £400
Under £500
Under £750

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Under £1000
Desktop Bluetooth

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